Abbie’s Woods

by Susan Thogerson Maas

Twelve-year-old Abbie Keegan loves spending time in the woods behind her house and watching the silly-looking baby robins as they grow. The woods are a retreat from her parents’ constant bickering and from her sweet, but needy, little brother.

Then Abbie sees two boys breaking bottles in the pond. She refuses to allow such harm to “her” woods. However, every attempt she makes to stop the boys only provokes them to greater destruction. Her retreat becomes a place of fear instead of peace. A feud is born, and Abbie feels helpless to stop it. At home, her parents seem close to divorce and her brother’s asthma is getting worse. How can Abbie protect the people and places she loves?


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Winner of the 2016 Christian Small Publishers Book of the Year for Ages 8-12

Winner of the 2016 Selah Award for best Middle Grade Novel

Finalist for the 2016 Cascade Award for Published Middle Grade/YA Novel