Cosmic Chaos

by CM Shelton

Logan gasped. He needed to be in contact with the wrist remote when the program ended or … I don’t even know what will happen to me!

The Cosmic
Twelve-year-old Logan lives inside the Luna Biodome on the moon. Not only is the moon dust making him sick, it also sets him apart from the other kids. While Logan is inside his new robot’s interactive program, his illness disappears and mysteries occur that he can’t explain.

The Chaos
Logan meets an annoying yet undeletable program character named Amy. Their misadventures awaken him to a glitch—a secret that could return him to Earth to track down his missing mother. But only if Amy will cooperate before the moon’s lockdown and before the robot destroys him.

This time-traveling science fiction story will grab young reader’s attention … from the garden of Eden to the futuristic moon colony, kids will be rooting for Logan and Amy to complete their mission!


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Finalist, Children’s Fiction, USA Best Book Awards
Nov 2016

 Finalist, Children’s Fiction, Author’s Talk About It
Oct 2016

1st place, Children’s Fiction, Bookvana Awards
Sept 2016

Honorable Mention, Children’s Fiction, Purple Dragonfly Book Awards
June 2016

Honorable Mention, Children’s Fiction, San Francisco Book Fest
May 2016

Cosmic Chaos manuscript  – Finalist, Children’s Fiction, Cascade AwardsJune 2013